Instruction Sheets

Product Instruction Sheets

Here is where you can view/download Allstar Performance Instruction Sheets. Click on a listing below to view/download the PDF. The instruction sheets require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

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ALL10124-Jack Stands.pdf
ALL10134-35 Aluminum Wheel Dollie.pdf
ALL10178 Rear End Station Brackets.pdf
ALL10254-55 Stack Stands.pdf
ALL10260 ALL10590 Heated Tire Groover.pdf
ALL10266 Heated Tire Siper.pdf
ALL10390 Jack For Tubing Bender.pdf
ALL10400-11 Tubing Notcher.pdf
ALL10422 3 Pump Aluminum Pit Jack.pdf
ALL10425 6 Pump Aluminum Pit Jack.pdf
ALL10516-18 Pressurized Sprayer.pdf
ALL10555 Tire Prep Stand.pdf
ALL10570 Tire Tool Perforator Adapter.pdf
ALL10590 Heated Tire Groover.pdf
ALL10600 Pit Cart.pdf
ALL10742-44 Digital Level.pdf
ALL10770 All In One Heated Tire Groover.pdf
ALL11015 Double Flare Tool 45 Degree.pdf
ALL11016 Flare Tool 37 Degree.pdf
ALL11050 Bolt Extractor Kit.pdf
ALL11070-76 Punch And Flare Tool.pdf
ALL11270 Race Car Lift With Pump.pdf
ALL11272 Aluminum Frame Race Car Lift With Pump.pdf
ALL11300-02 Race Car Air Jacks.pdf
ALL11350 Quick Change Install Removal Tool.pdf
ALL13000-01 Driver Air System Motor Assembly.pdf
ALL13100 Locking Tear Off Post Kit.pdf
ALL14275-77 Surface Guard Tape Application.pdf
ALL14300 Pistol Grip Grease Gun.pdf
ALL18205 Rivet Gun For Drills.pdf
ALL18207 Air Rivet Gun.pdf
ALL19186-19298 Quick Turn Fasteners.pdf
ALL19410 Quick Turn Starter Kit.pdf
ALL23116 Spring Steel Punch.pdf
ALL23117 Spring Steel Punch Impact Type.pdf
ALL26009 Filter Cleaning Station.pdf
ALL26125-27 Rear Main Seal Adaptor.pdf
ALL26900-30 Torque Converter.pdf
ALL30070-76 Curved Blade Electric Fans.pdf
ALL30078 Fan Freewheeler.pdf
ALL30155 Universal Radiator Mount Kit.pdf
ALL34145 Crankcase Evacuation System.pdf
ALL34230 Electric Exhaust Cut Out.pdf
ALL40216-46 Fuel Filter Assembly.pdf
ALL40330 Sprint Fuel Pressure Guage.pdf
ALL41013 90 Degree Hanging Brake Pedal Assembly.pdf
ALL41040-42 Combination Valves.pdf
ALL42072 Remote Balance Bar Cable Adjuster.pdf
ALL44070 Center Relief Wide 5.pdf
ALL44186 7 Inch Backing Pad.pdf
ALL48012 Electric Line Lock.pdf
ALL48017 Electric Right Front Brake Shut Off.pdf
ALL48025 Adjustable Proportioning Valve.pdf
ALL48200-04 Power Steering Hose Kits.pdf
ALL48500-Head Mount Bracket.pdf
ALL48502-Block Mount Bracket.pdf
ALL54108-54126 Shifter Levers.pdf
ALL54280-292 Fuel Regulator Bracket.pdf
ALL54282-294 Fuel Regulator Bracket.pdf
ALL56103 Steel Sway Bar Adjuster Kit.pdf
ALL56152 Panhard Bar Mount.pdf
ALL56303-07 Mustang II Spindles.pdf
ALL56360 External Bump Stop Kit.pdf
ALL56361 Quick Adjust External Bump Stop Kit.pdf
ALL56364 Bushing Style Pull Bar.pdf
ALL56365 Bushing Style Pull Bar.pdf
ALL56366 Spring Style Pull Bar.pdf
ALL56367 Spring Style Pull Bar.pdf
ALL56369-379 Poly Bushings.pdf
ALL60156 Quick Change Upper Link Brackets.pdf
ALL60 Catalog Rack.pdf
ALL64220 Hydraulic Spring Adjuster.pdf
ALL70010-128 Ring And Pinion Set.pdf
ALL72099 Universal Inner Axle Seal.pdf
ALL76197-98 Nitrous Pressure Control Kits.pdf
ALL76201 Solenoid Wiring Kit.pdf
ALL80090-120 Two Gauge Panel Template.pdf
ALL80090-80093 Gauge Panels With Allstar Gauges.pdf
ALL80140-62 Switch Panel.pdf
ALL80146 Switch Panel.pdf
ALL80150 Switch Panel.pdf
ALL80157 Battery Disconnect For Alternator.pdf
ALL80164 Switch Panel.pdf
ALL80165 Weatherproof Switch Panel.pdf
ALL80511 AC And Alternator Bracket Set.pdf
ALL80520 SB Chevy Mini Starter.pdf
ALL80521 Replacement Starter Solenoid.pdf
ALL80522 Replacement Starter Drive Assembly.pdf
ALL80525 Street Performance Mini Starter.pdf
ALL80530 Bert Brinn Starter.pdf
ALL81200-02 HEI Distributor.pdf
ALL81220 Distributor With Mechanical Advance.pdf
ALL81222 Distributor With Vacuum Advance.pdf
ALL81300 HEI Advance Curve Kit.pdf
ALL81330 MSD Box Mount.pdf
ALL87220 SB Chevy Oil Pan Gasket Set.pdf
ALL90000 SB Chevy Aluminum Gear Drive Assembly.pdf
ALL90030 SB Chevy Crank Hub.pdf
ALL90072-73 Dart Chevy SHP Oil Restrictors.pdf
ALL90090 LS Timing Cover Conversion Kit.pdf
ALL96450-51 Lockbuster.pdf
ALL96470 Cam Bearing Installation Tool.pdf
ALL96480 Piston Rod Guide Tool.pdf
ALL96505 Spark Plug Index Shims.pdf
ALL96510 Spark Plug Indexing Tool.pdf
ALL96515 Spark Plug Gap Tool.pdf
ALL96520 Compression Tester.pdf
ALL98100 Seat Track Assembly.pdf
ALL98115-118 Three Point Retractable Belt.pdf
ALL99862 Allstar Racing Suit Order Form.pdf